Softening systems (decalcifying systems) Near Münster

Soft water for your comfort at home

More than half of all households in Germany have problems with hard water, i.e. with a too-high share of limescale in the water. Everyone knows the traces left by hard water: unsightly stains and limescale borders in kitchen and bath, calcified household appliances, e.g. coffee machines or steam irons, as well unpleasant side effects concerning body care, like brittle hair or dry skin.

In addition, there are disadvantages in form of insoluble sediments within the tube system and on heat exchange surfaces which cause an increased energy demand due to pressure and heat loss. One result of this is that water softening has been implemented as a required minimum treatment for steam boilers in the industrial sector, as prescribed by law.

The excellent characteristics and the diverse possibilities of the standard central control valve INDUWA IMP and IMP Pro can fully develop their potential in our softening systems and will also satisfy you and your customers.

Softening systems (decalcifying system)