Reverse osmosis / full desalination In Emsdetten near Münster

Depending on the existing raw water pollution and requirements for water quality, treatment can be performed up to a final result of salt-free, or fully desalinated water. For this the principle of reverse osmosis has over the course of years proven to be user-friendly and cost-efficient technology, as long as conscientious interpretation and follow-up support is guaranteed.

Fully desalinated water is needed e.g. for production of goods or in surface technology used for wash processes (a.o. lacquer preparation, car washes, dish washers in the catering sector, etc.) and saves the trouble of follow-up treatments like drying/polishing.

Reverse osmosis / full desalination

In the industrial sector, use of salt-free water, e.g. for steam processes, offers enormous saving potential and leads to a significant improvement of process safety.

In the heating sector, the use of salt-free water is even partly prescribed by law, for which ion exchange systems type VEM with mixed-bed resin are available as an alternative. Additionally, multi-level ion-exchange-resin systems for full desalination are available for delivery.

Our extensive expertise and experience allow us to interpret and built these systems for each individual application. Together with our continuous service, reliable operation and high availability are ensured.