Compact-deferrisation systems For private-water treatment near Paderborn

Our line of compact-deferrisation systems perfectly completes our product range for self-sufficient water supply. In case of limited water demand, e.g. within the private sector, compact-deferrisation can – if all necessary requirements are met – be a cost-effective alternative to gravel-filter technology. Our experience allows us to tell you which water treatment options are possible - even on the sole basis of an existing water analysis. If there are uncertainties or special cases, the necessary experiments and water analyses are performed either in our laboratory or, thanks to always carried-on equipment, also on-site.

A joint removal of iron, hardness and in particular manganese is possible with our MEV-CR systems, or DEW systems with double tanks, or DWKI systems as industrial models for up to 56 m³/l.


Since we use the same very robust and high-performance central controls INDUWA IMP or IMP Pro on almost all compact systems for deferrisation/dirt filtration, softening and nitrate reduction, there is an excellent compatibility between the systems. The intelligent system control, optionally with a chlorine cell and regeneration surveillance, allows for safe, economical and hygienic system operation and offers many informational request options.