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No experiments when it comes to water treatment!

We of INDUWA Wasseraufbereitung from 48282 Emsdetten / NRW have successfully and reliably assisted specialised dealers and other resellers since 1997 – particularly in matters of groundwater treatment and self-sufficient water supply. In addition to systems for deferrisation, demanganisation and dirt filtration, our delivery program contains ion exchange systems for the purpose of softening and nitrate reduction. Systems that perform disinfection via dosing, UV-oxidation, and ultra-filtration, as well as reverse-osmosis systems complete our program. Our competence and experience allow us to aid you towards solutions even for challenging waters. Our company near Münster will tell you in advance and with guarantee which results can be expected with which techniques. If requested, we process water until it reaches the highest level of quality in its fully desalinated state.

A special challenge for us lies in convincing new customers – especially those without much prior experience - of the many advantages held by the business sector of water treatment. You as the final customer will profit from the advantages of your trusted on-site installation partner and from our experience. Please feel free to contact us directly and let us share our advice! As with our resellers, we are also glad to be at service for industrial demands when it comes to drinking- and service-water treatment on a larger scale. Starting from our standard systems for private households, the industry, or agriculture, to large size systems for industrial purposes – we always have the right solution for you!

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Your specialist for water treatment near Münster

Everyday,INDUWA Wasseraufbereitung from Emsdetten rises to the challenge of finding optimal solutions to even the most special applications.

In addition to competent consultations and delivery / assembly of our systems, components and spare parts, we also offer operating materials as well as reliable and expert on-site service. Contact us!

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Water is the principle of all things, because all things are created from water & all things return to water.

Water is the principle of all things,because all things are created from water & all things return to water.Thales of Milet (625 – 547 b.C.)

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The INDUWA Wasseraufbereitung team is your specialist for water treatment systems for private households and industrial large-scale plants. Meet us and form your own impression of our business.

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